NHL - Chicago Blackhawks Keith's dentist

Chicago Blackhawks Sights and Sounds

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guys it got better

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these posters are on point


I am so filled with useless facts about various hockey players

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do you guys just look at a player and think

I’m really glad they play for us

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if u open ur eyes s*guins b&w photos make his nips look like dark holes that’ll suck u into another universe


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NHL Meme | [1/2] Quotes

Life is just a place where we spend time between games. - Fred Shero

someone please post eddie läck’s tweet hahaha i cant bc im on my phone

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Idc if you dislike sidney crosby, I don’t care if you hate him with every ounce of your being and wish he would be roasted alive, that’s your choice man
But if you honestly think he’s a shifty player you need to decloud your eyes and brain. I can recognize talent in player I don’t like. Like whoever, dislike whoever, just don’t be so close minded as to not recognize talent when it presents itself

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hey reblog this is if you’re an active hockey blog


no matter what team

I need more people to follow


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